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US President Roosevelt called him New York’s most useful citizen – in Denmark he is almost unknown

The Jacob A. Riis Museum shows the fascinating story of the Ribe boy who emigrated to America in 1870. About the man who, through his hard-hitting articles and photos from New York’s raw and rough slums, opened the eyes of the bourgeoisie. And about his falling in love with Elisabeth, which thanks to his stubbornness he eventually got.

The story of Jacob A. Riis is the story of almost perishing in New York’s worst neighborhoods and the story of how hard work, determination to create a better society and belief in himself turned the Ribe boy into what the president called “the ideal American”.

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Winning photo on display

The winner of the Jacob A. Riis Photography Award 2022 has been chosen.

New exhibition shows ten of the best pictures from the competition.

Touching photographs

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The Jacob A. Riis Museum building also houses the HEX! Museum of Witch Hunt, which tells the grim story of the ‘witch fear’ that led to the infamous witch trials and their dreadful consequences. We have made a combined ticket for admission to both HEX! and the Jacob A. Riis Museum.

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”Mine skriverier gjorde ikke noget stort indtryk – det gør den slags sjældent, når det kun udtrykkes med ord – men mine negativer, frisk fra mørkekammeret, forstærkede dem.”

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